• Living Montessori is set on a fenced off 15-hectare farm-like setting, approximately 2km from the Northgate Shopping Centre, close enough to the city, yet far enough to be in natural surroundings.

facilities quote

  • We have created a large, well-maintained playground with ample jungle-gyms and other gross motors activities. 
  • We have egg laying chickens, rabbits, 2 pot belly pigs, ducks, a tortoise, guinea fowl, various other bird life and . The animals allow the children to understand responsibility and how all beings are interconnected in the world.

  • We also have a simple green-house that allows the children to plant their own fruit and vegetable.
  • The classrooms are situated in three buildings with a separate toddler, pre-school and primary school environment within these buildings, all in close proximity of each other, allowing the different age groups to develop accordingly. We have a fully functional kitchen where the children are able to do simple baking and "cooking" activities and a cosy library to arouse reading skills.
  • Living Montessori provides an exciting and fun educational environment, offering an extensive array of hands-on activities which makes learning fun. Children explore activities in a clean, safe and beautiful environment including a green, well-maintained playground in which they can have fun. There are separate play facilities across the age groups which encourages a positive self image and safety whilst at play.
  • Living Montessori respects children as self-directed individuals and fosters their growth toward independence and social responsibility, while creating a joyful, diverse and family-oriented community.